PETA Proved in 2020 That Nothing Can Stop Us From Winning for Animals

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A year that will be talked about for decades to come, 2020 marked 40 years of PETA’s vital work to help animals—in laboratories, slaughterhouses, roadside zoos, circuses, and elsewhere. Through a pandemic that’s still shaking the world, we continued our march against speciesism with an epic Tiger King takedown, an attention-grabbing tofu campaign reminding people that meat consumption never comes without a high cost, and much, much more. Watch our 2020 highlights to get the scoop on some of this year’s landmark victories!

Here are some of 2020’s highlights:  

  • PETA orchestrated a landmark Tiger King takedown, rescuing 25 big cats from roadside zoos operated by Tiger King’s Tim Stark and Jeff Lowe and arranging for their transfer to accredited sanctuaries.
  • Even more major sponsors kicked the deadly Iditarod dog race to the curb, including Alaska Airlines, Chrysler, and Baird Wealth Management.
  • Following a shocking PETA exposé, Egypt’s Tourism Ministry announced plans to ban animal rides at the Giza Pyramid Complex.
  • SeaWorld had to end its cruel dolphin “surfing” stunts after PETA and our supporters refused to let up.
  • PETA reached across the grocery aisle and worked with major food companies, including Dole and the parent company of Sabra hummus, to ban crude animal experiments. We also got Bristol Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline, and others to ban the forced swim test and persuaded Taiwan to drop cruel and wasteful health food safety tests on animals.
  • Following a groundbreaking PETA Asia undercover investigation into Thailand’s coconut industry, major stores such as Wegmans and Costco agreed to stop selling coconut products from suppliers that use monkey labor.
  • PETA prompted Sephora to drop mink-fur eyelashes; Columbia Sportswear, Valentino, UNIQLO, Ann Taylor, and dozens of other companies to ditch alpaca; and huge retailers and designers, including Nordstrom, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein, to leave exotic skins off the racks.

Let’s Keep Up the Good Work

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