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See Our 2021 Year in Review (Video)

Unstoppable! PETA Ends Electroshock and Near-Drowning Tests, Triumphs Over Fur, Dethrones the ‘Tiger King,’ and More.

PETA won big for animals in 2021! Your support gave us the strength and funds to make huge strides for animal liberation: We pushed the Taiwan FDA to stop shocking and drowning animals in pointless tests. We flung open the doors to cruelty-free cosmetics in China. We persuaded another pharmaceutical giant to stop making mice and rats swim for their lives. We busted a massive beagle supplier to laboratories. We canceled fur, dethroned “Tiger Kings,” made one of the Iditarod’s last major sponsors jump ship, and so much more.

Here are just a few of PETA’s 2021 high points for animals:

Let’s Make 2022 the Kindest Year for Animals Ever

On behalf of everyone at PETA, thank you for being part of our victories for animals and supporting the truly vital work of ending speciesism. In 2022 and beyond, we hope you’ll join us—always and in all ways—in challenging the human-supremacist view that one species is more important than another.

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