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Report Animal Abuse in Film and Television

Animals used in film or television are sometimes physically harmed or deprived of food during training sessions, and their living conditions off set are typically dismal. Abuse can and does occur during filming, too, and animals rely on caring people to blow the whistle if they witness cruelty to animals on set. Cast and crew members have an opportunity to help change the entertainment industry for the better.

See Something? Say Something

If you witness animal abuse or neglect during the production of a film or television show or at an animal-training facility, please get in touch right away by filling out the form below.

Anonymity will be taken very seriously.

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Photos are crucial to helping animals. If you have any photos or videos of the animals in question, please attach them.

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You can also report abuse by leaving a detailed message on PETA’s confidential film and television whistleblower hotline at 323-210-2233 or e-mailing us at [email protected].

If your concerns are not related to the production of a film or television show or to an animal-training facility, please follow the instructions on this page.

Lights, Camera, Take Action

Recently, crew members reported incidents involving animals on several film and television sets, including those of The Devil All the Time, Yellowstone, and Crazy Alien. Whistleblowers have long been the lifeblood of PETA’s efforts to expose abuse and seek some measure of justice for animals in the entertainment industry, including when three horses died during the making of HBO’s Luck, when 27 animals died during the filming of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and when a giraffe died during the filming of Zookeeper.

A now-viral video captured by a whistleblower on the set of A Dog’s Purpose shows a handler trying to force a dog into a pool of rushing water. Later, apparently in a different scene, the dog is seen being pulled underwater, prompting a group of people to rush over, seemingly in an attempt to rescue the animal.

The more cast and crew members document abuse and speak up for animals on set, the less animals will suffer for entertainment.

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