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Humans share this planet with millions of other species, and we all have inherent worth. When we consider the individuals around us—whether they’re a lonely elderly neighbor or a frightened chicken on a transport truck heading to slaughter—we can recognize that everyone feels love, grief, joy, pain, fear, and hope.

Animals have unique personalities, amazing abilities, and a remarkable capacity for emotions.

We may never see eye to eye with everyone, but we can look into each other’s eyes and understand that we’re all animals, that each one of us deserves respect and kindness, that everyone should live free from needless pain and suffering, and that

every animal is someone.

Consider the following:

Two elephants embrace

Elephants and chimpanzees mourn and shed tears if a member of their family dies.

Two clownfish facing each other

Fish “sing” underwater and like physical contact with other fish, often gently rubbing against one another—similar to how a cat weaves in and out of your legs.

A mother cow and her calf

Mother cows walk for miles in search of their stolen babies.

two rats playing in grass

Rats willingly put themselves in harm’s way to save others.

Two geese stretching their wings

Geese fall in love and are loyal to their partner for life, even when facing danger.

A pod of residential orcas

Many orcas in the ocean stay with their families for life.

A mother hen over her chick with text reading Every Animal Is Someone

We’ve also created a free, downloadable empathy kit that offers a step-by-step guide for understanding others’ perspectives and experiences.

Share one with a relative who eats meat and cheese, a neighbor who chains their dog outside, a coworker who carries a crocodile-skin bag or wears wool or feathers, or anyone else who could benefit from a lesson in kindness.

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