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Support the Glue Trap Prohibition Act — Let’s Get These Cruel Devices Outlawed

In a historic move to defend vulnerable small animals—including birds, chipmunks, lizards, mice, and squirrels—who often fall victim to glue traps, U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Ca.-36) has introduced a bill that would ban the use, sale, and distribution of these cruel devices nationwide.

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The Glue Trap Prohibition Act (HR 7018) would safeguard hundreds of species of wildlife, including protected ones, by outlawing glue traps, which inflict unimaginable suffering on countless animals every year.

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Glue traps are one of the cruelest methods of killing animals in existence today.

They’re designed to catch any small animal who wanders across or lands on their sticky surface. Manufacturers instruct users to throw them into the garbage, even if the animal stuck to them is still alive.

After they become stuck to the glue, trapped animals panic and struggle, which can cause them to become even more helplessly ensnared. Often, the glue tears off chunks of their fur, feathers, or skin. Some animals even break bones or chew off their own limbs in a desperate attempt to escape. Most animals caught on glue traps endure slow, excruciating deaths. Over the course of days, they succumb to starvation, dehydration, exposure, blood loss, or asphyxiation.

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns against using glue traps because they increase the risk of exposure to dangerous diseases.

Animals stuck in the glue continue to produce urine and feces, through which pathogens—including hantavirus—can be transmitted to humans. Due to the risks posed by glue traps, massive hospital conglomerate Kaiser Permanente and international food service leader Compass Group North America have banned their use nationwide.

By outlawing glue traps, the U.S. would join an ever-growing list of places—including England, Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, Wales, two states and one territory in Australia, and more than 30 states and union territories in India—that have already banned these cruel devices.

Entities contacted by PETA have also made the decision to ban glue traps. They include more than 100 airports across the U.S., Simon Property Group, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target, Dollar Tree, and U-Haul.

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These organizations and groups endorse the Glue Trap Prohibition Act:

Animal & Earth Advocates (Seattle, Washington)

Animal Defenders International (Los Angeles, California)

Animal Rehabilitators of the Carolinas (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Animal Rights Hawai’i (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Animals In Distress Association (Boise, Idaho)

Arizona Bat Rescue (Mesa, Arizona)

AWARE Wildlife Center (Stonecrest, Georgia)

Badger Run Wildlife Rehab (Klamath Falls, Oregon)

Ballydídean Farm Sanctuary (Clinton, Washington)

Bat Conservation & Rescue of Virginia (Mount Solon, Virginia)

Bat World Sanctuary (Weatherford, Texas)

Blue Ridge Wildlife Center (Boyce, Virginia)

California Wildlife Center (Malibu, California)

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue and Sanctuary (Indian Trail, North Carolina)

Carolina Wildlife Center (Columbia, South Carolina)

Carolina Wildlife Sanctuary (Concord, North Carolina)

Colorado Voters for Animals (Denver, Colorado)

Commission of Animal Control and Welfare (San Francisco, California)

Compassion Consortium (New York, New York)

Cottontail Cottage Wildlife Rehab (Rye Brook, New York)

Coyote Center for Carnivore Ecology and Coexistence

Direct Action Everywhere (Berkeley, California)

Dutchess County SPCA (Hyde Park, New York)

Evelyn’s Wildlife Refuge (Suffolk, Virginia)

Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants (Seattle, Washington)

Georgia Wildlife Network (Canton, Georgia)

Good Bat Neighbor

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (Longmont, Colorado)

Grit and Grace Farm & Wildlife Rehabilitation (Cynthiana, Kentucky)

Houston Humane Society Wildlife Center (Houston, Texas)

Humane Action Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Humane Indiana Wildlife (Valparaiso, Indiana)

Humane Long Island (Riverhead, New York)

Humane Society Legislative Fund (Washington, D.C.)

Humane Voters of Washington (Seattle, Washington)

Humboldt Wildlife Care Center/Bird Ally X (Arcata, California)

In Defense of Animals (San Rafael, California)

International Vegan Film Festival

Lady Freethinker

Liberty Wildlife (Phoenix, Arizona)

Lisa’s Little Rescue (Rockford, Illinois)

Luvin’ Arms Animal Sanctuary (Erie, Colorado)

Main Street Vegan Academy

Maine Animal Coalition (Portland, Maine)

Marin Humane (Novato, California)

Maryland Wildlife Rehabilitators Association

MSPCA-Angell Animal Medical Center (Boston, Massachusetts)

Napa Wildlife Rescue (Napa, California)

NorCal Bats (Davis, California)

Northern Colorado Wildlife Center (Fort Collins, Colorado)

Northwest Animal Rights Network (Seattle, Washington)

Ojai Raptor Center (Ojai, California)

Out to Pasture Sanctuary (Estacada, Oregon)

Owl Moon Raptor Center (Boyds, Maryland)

Palm Springs Wildlife Advocates (Palm Springs, California)

Park City Wildlife Rehab (Park City, Utah)

Pasado’s Safe Haven (Sultan, Washington)

Paterson Animal Control (Paterson, New Jersey)

Pennsylvania Bat Rescue (Mertztown, Pennsylvania)

Phoenix Wildlife Center (Baldwin, Maryland)

Protect Our Wildlife (Stowe, Vermont)

Rebellyous Foods (Seattle, Washington)

Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary (Shipman, Virginia)

Rockford Regional Wildlife Coalition (Rockford, Illinois)

Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (Hutchins, Texas)

Salem Wildlife Rescue (Salem, Massachusetts)

Sierra Club (Oakland, California)

Social Compassion in Legislation

SPCA Monterey County (Salinas, California)

SPCA Serving Erie County (West Seneca, New York)

Species Unite

Squirrelmender Wildlife Rehabilitation (Thousand Oaks, California)

The Animals Voice (Chico, California)

The Humane Society of the United States (Washington, D.C.)

Their Turn (New York, New York)

Urban Wildlife Rescue (Denver, Colorado)


Voters for Animal Rights (Brooklyn, New York)

Wild Care (Eastham, Massachusetts)

WildCare (San Rafael, California)

Wilderness Miracles Wildlife Rehab (Bowdoin, Maine)

Wildlife Center of Virginia (Waynesboro, Virginia)

Wildlife in Crisis (Weston, Connecticut)

Wildlife of Wisconsin (Cato, Wisconsin)

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation (San Antonio, Texas)

Winchester Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (Winchester, New Hampshire)

Wings of the Dawn Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and Bird Sanctuary (Henniker, New Hampshire)

Yggdrasil Urban Wildlife Rescue and Education Center (San Francisco, California)

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What You Can Do

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Note: You may not be given the option to contact your legislator because they’re already a cosponsor of the bill.

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