::The Climate Is Changing, and We Must Change With It::

This Earth Day, Stick a Fork in the Climate Crisis by Eating Vegan

go vegan for Earth Day

The food you eat says a lot about your carbon footprint, which is why on April 22, PETA’s launching “Go Vegan for the Earth Day,” a new campaign urging everyone to eat vegan for the day, at least.

Earth Day FAQs

What Is Earth Day?

Fifty-one years ago, 20 million Americans celebrated the inaugural Earth Day when they took to the streets to demonstrate for a clean, livable environment. Now, Earth Day activism comes in many different forms.

no planet b go vegan for the earth day peta 2021

eat to save the planet vegan earth day peta 2021

This year, whether you’re hosting an Earth Day luncheon, getting a to-go latte in a reusable coffee mug instead of a Styrofoam one, or taking a turn cooking dinner for your roommates, choosing vegan foods and drinks is the way to do good for the planet.

go vegan for the earth day peta 2021

climate change cow go vegan for the earth day peta 2021

Every individual who eats vegan saves 1,100 gallons of water, nearly 40 pounds of grain, and 30 square feet of forested land each day. So if planet Earth means the world to you (see what we did there?), do it a favor: Try vegan!

What Do You Do for Earth Day?

There are lots of ways to celebrate your “Go Vegan for the Earth Day” pledge! You can share fun facts with your friends on Twitter—tell them that not eating a pound of beef saves more water than not showering for six months. Or you can bring a vegan dessert to the office or to any gathering to share (or post a photo of your favorite vegan recipe on Instagram if you’re still working from home). Learn more about animal agriculture’s effects on the Earth by hosting a Cowspiracy movie party or a Seaspiracy Netflix party (use Teleparty or Zoom to watch with your friends remotely). And of course, the number one way to honor Mother Earth on April 22 (or any ol’ day) is to choose vegan food.

What Is the Theme for Earth Day 2021?

You heard it here first: The theme for this year is “Go Vegan for the Earth Day”! The climate crisis is scary, but vegan food is delicious and humane—and opting for it is one of the most effective actions anyone can take to fight climate change. So if you’re wondering, “How can I make a difference on Earth Day?” or “How do we make every day Earth Day?” you’re in luck. Opting for vegan foods—whether for takeaway or in the kitchen—is one of the simplest and most surefire ways we can help ensure a sustainable future.

Earth Day, Animals, and the Planet We All Call Home

Living on Mother Earth is one of the things humans and all other animals have in common (along with a will and a right to live), and—through their remarkable characteristics and talents—other animals are doing their part to keep her healthy: Bees and other insects pollinate plants, including one-third of the food we humans eat; beavers create dams that prevent flooding and erosion; squirrels abandon seeds and nuts, which take root and establish trees and other plants in new locations; and birds pollinate plants (like bees), spread seeds (like squirrels), and maintain sustainable population levels naturally (as opposed to some humans, like hunters).

be remarkable like bees, go vegan for Earth Day

Let’s be remarkable like other animals: This April 22, help our planet and spare animals suffering by choosing vegan.

Do More to Unite the Climate Movement and the Animal Rights Movement

Just as there’s a crossover between animal rights and other social justice issues (e.g., the Black Lives Matter movement), being anti-speciesist and fighting climate change go hand in hand. Because when it comes to the climate crisis, animal agriculture is a leading culprit.

climate change cow wants you to go vegan for Earth Day

We can all help halt climate change and other environmental problems by eating vegan foods rather than animal-based ones and urging our friends and social media followers to do the same. On April 22, share photos of your planet-friendly, plant-based dishes on Instagram—don’t forget to tag @peta and include the hashtag #VeganForEarthDay.


Tell your pals that you’re going vegan for the Earth Day, and encourage them to try it, too—share this post on Facebook and Twitter.

When You’re Vegan, Every Day Is Earth Day!

Tell local restaurants that you’re going vegan for the Earth Day, and encourage them to join in—ask them to promote an existing vegan option or a new one for Earth Day by displaying PETA’s free “Go Vegan for the Earth Day” sign in their front window as well as on social media with the hashtag #VeganForEarthDay.

One Person—and One Day—Can Make a Difference

Go Vegan for the Earth Day!