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Old MacDonald Had a Farm … and Slaughtered Animals for Food

Every year, billions of animals are murdered in cold blood. Their screams are silenced by concrete walls, and their blood flows, unseen, down drains. The horror that they endure is unlike anything you’ve seen in even the scariest slasher flicks … until now.

Watch PETA’s scary new Halloween video below. Listen as the eerie singing of children echoes through the halls of old MacDonald’s farm, and witness the gruesome sights and sounds that the animal agriculture industry doesn’t want you to see.

watch peta's scary halloween 2018 video: Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Feeling frightened yet? If you’re in the Halloween spirit, check out more of PETA’s spine-tingling clips:

—Stop the Horror—

Go Vegan Today!

Animals are individuals who fear being harmed, flee from pain, and value their lives. They are not ours to eat, and they suffer greatly before being killed and hacked into pieces to become somebody’s meal.

Don’t wake up in a horror film where YOU are the villain. Ditch the suffering and the slaughter by going vegan today, and you’ll save nearly 200 animals’ lives every year. We can help you get started on your vegan journey—and help keep you going strong with tons of free tips and tools. What are you waiting for? Get started now:

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