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PETA Fall Sniffari Challenge logo, featuring a tan and white dog sniffing a flower

Join PETA’s 30-Day Fall Sniffari Challenge This September!

Dogs love taking in the smells during walks and exploring the scents that surround them. When they’re not allowed to do this, they can feel robbed of the opportunity to follow their noses and enjoy all the aromas. Imagine taking a hike during which you were whisked along so fast that you couldn’t admire the trees, the flowers, or a view of the mountains, and you will get a sense of what they’re missing.

Poppy field

A “sniffari” is an outing on which your dog will be able to sniff whatever they want, when they want, while their nose leads you to where they want to go.

A dog sniffing a flower

This isn’t just another quick morning walk—the point of a sniffari is to allow your dog to explore the world by way of all its glorious smells. 

What Is the Fall Sniffari Challenge?

Background of autumn leaves

Taking part in the Fall Sniffari Challenge means promising your beloved canine companion that you’ll devote some time every day for at least a month to allowing them to explore.

Sniffaris let dogs be dogs—which is great for their mood and well-being. These adventures in smelling leave many dogs calmer, more content, and even more tired than an everyday walk does.

Join PETA’s 30-day Fall Sniffari Challenge on Facebook and share your fundraiser with your friends and family members to make it a success.

Throughout the month, post photos of your animal companion enjoying their daily sniffari on your fundraising page to keep your friends and family engaged.

Once you raise $50, we’ll send you a “Shelter Dogs Rule” bandanna for your beloved companion. (This cotton bandanna measures 13 inches by 13 inches by 18 inches.)

Red bandana with text reading shelter dogs rule

Your generous support during this unique challenge with your canine friend will improve the lives of other companion animals—providing life-changing spay/neuter surgeries, desperately needed veterinary care, relief for dogs left chained and tethered 24/7, and more.

How to participate:

Background of autumn leaves

1. Create your Sniffari Challenge page on Facebook and join the Facebook group.

2. Share your fundraiser to your page and with your friends on Facebook throughout the month. Be sure to post photos regularly of your animal companion out and about enjoying their sniffari.

A woman high-fiving a tan dog in a harness

3. Enjoy your daily sniffari!

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