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Each week, Jamie and Justina — two funny, fierce, and almost scarily honest humans who love animals, could eat fruit all day — seriously they love fruit, and can’t stop telling it as it is — compare what we’re all being told about an important topic with … the actual truth. It’s refreshing! 🏝️ And empowering. 🐣 And surprisingly fun? 🥳 Just So You Know is a PETA production.🐇

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Jamie can fire off facts faster than you can say “Google,” and she’s even quicker with a joke. 📚 Her topic of choice? Exposing powerful people who try to cover up animal abuse.📣 A New Yorker with a knack for shaking things up, she’s a fiercely funny and original voice known for her animal rights films and YouTube show “Jamie’s Corner.” Her bold activism took center stage—literally—when she disrupted the 2023 Coach fashion show, taking to the runway 💃 to spread the word about how leather kills.

Justina has two passions in life: the performing arts and her cats, Catsby and Penni. 😻 (Technically, that’s three passions, if you count the cats individually, as you should.) When she’s not recording Just So You Know, the Bronx native is gracing the screen: 🎥 She’s known for her roles in the American crime drama Mayans M.C. and the award-winning Netflix series Seven Seconds. Justina’s a longtime vegan and a softie for animals—especially the cuties who come across her Insta feed—but she always learns something new from Jamie.💡

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