Make the Most of Leap Day:

29 Quick and Easy Ways to Help Animals

PETA action alerts are a quick—and effective—way to speak up for animals.

We’re always working to ensure that animals are given the consideration, respect, and rights they deserve, and sometimes that means calling out the humans who benefit from harming them. From this page, you can fire off multiple e-mails to abusers with the simple click of a button.

Month after month, PETA supporters are instrumental in winning victories for animals. Persuading circuses to go animal-free, influencing brands to drop fur and other animal-derived materials, and ending cruel and irrelevant experiments on animals—PETA action alerts help accomplish all this and much more.

The kindest choice we can make for all animals is to go vegan.

Refuse to support the industries that harm and kill billions of animals—including cows, chickens, pigs, and fish—every year.

Delicious vegan food is available everywhere, and your favorite dishes can be veganized so that preparing them doesn’t harm anyone. PETA can help you make the switch—we’ve got tips, tools, resources, and hundreds of free vegan recipes to get you started.

Start saving animals today by taking our 3-Week Vegan Challenge, checking out our handy How to Wear Vegan guide, and browsing our Global Beauty Without Bunnies database of companies. Never visit SeaWorld or other establishments that imprison animals for profit, and avoid tourist activities that allow direct contact with animals, including photo ops, elephant rides, and “swim with dolphins” encounters.

Leap Into Action: 29 Ways to Help Animals

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Urge These Resorts to Stop Offering Cruel Dolphin Experiences!

Tell Hawks Cay Resort, The Kahala Hotel & Resort, and Hilton Waikoloa Village to stop offering cruel “swim with dolphins” encounters.
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