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PETA Rapid-Action:

Animals Are Not Ours to Experiment On!

Right now, millions of mice, rats, rabbits, monkeys, cats, dogs, and other animals are locked inside barren cages in laboratories across the country. They languish in pain, ache with loneliness, and long to be free from animal testing. After enduring a life of pain, loneliness, and terror, almost all of them will be killed. But you can help these animals.

three rats in a cage stare at camera

With the help of our members and supporters, PETA works globally to win victories ending the use of animals in experiments.

Our efforts include the following:

Animals need the support of compassionate people like you to speak out against
cruel and pointless experiments. Get started below:

Take Action Now!

PETA’s action alerts make it possible for you to take action for animals with the quick click of a button. Even if you’re quarantined or working from home, it takes just a minute to help countless living, feeling beings used in experiments.

Below, there are multiple opportunities to help. As soon as you complete one action, another will automatically appear in its place. Just enter your information once, and then keep clicking the “Send Message” button until you’ve completed them all.

Once you’ve finished, be sure to share this page with your friends, family members, and social media followers. Encourage them to join you in taking action for animals today and every day.

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AELF FlightService: Stop Shipping Monkeys to Their Deaths in Labs!

Please urge AELF FlightService not to send even one more shipment of these sensitive, intelligent individuals to be tormented and killed in laboratories.
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