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The Naked Truth About Sex Appeal:

'Lettuce Ladies' Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

PETA’s “Lettuce Ladies” interact with people all over the world, spreading the important message that animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. They catch people’s eyes everywhere they go, and their message is too crucial to dismiss. When they show up, people sit up and take notice.

Using their big hearts, a bit of courage, and some strategically placed greens, Lettuce Ladies have taken vegan food and a call to ditch animal-derived ingredients and materials to cities around the globe.

These Ladies Are on a Mission to Make the World Vegan

Lettuce Ladies have toured the world—from England to India, and beyond—with their vegan message, helping countless folks turn over a new leaf. They’re culturally conscious advocates who encourage people everywhere to ditch meat by offering them free delicious plant-based meals, vegan starter kits, and leaflets bursting at the seams with information about how our choices affect animals.


Lettuce Ladies were PETA’s first-ever vegan ambassadors to Cuba. They heated up Havana with tips on how to spare animals’ lives, get healthy, and protect the environment by going vegan. During their stay, they also supported local animal-rescue groups by delivering veterinary supplies—and they gave treats to any dogs they happened to meet along the way.

Lettuce Ladies Embody Empowerment

Our advocates are all volunteers. Lettuce Ladies choose to turn heads to protect animals, improve people’s health, and help fight climate change. They know that, unlike themselves, millions of animals suffering and dying on factory farms and in slaughterhouses are never given the chance to consent. Cows, pigs, chickens, minks, foxes, and all other animals exploited by the food and fashion industries have no say in what happens to their bodies, so our Lettuce Ladies use their own to call attention to the plight of these living beings. 

Today, in a society that uses scantily clad models to sell everything from cars to cheeseburgers, those who use their bodies as a political or an emotional statement to call for justice and compassion—as our Lettuce Ladies do—are a breath of fresh air. And it’s not just women.


Dozens of famous, compassionate men have lined up—and stripped down—to make a difference for animals. Our hunky Banana Boys and other guys who’ve ditched some clothing to speak up for animals are just as vital to creating a meat-free world.

Shaking People out of Their Comfort Zone

There’s a lot that can be said about the prevalence of sex appeal. Racy magazine ads feature nearly naked women sprawled across sports cars, and television commercials feature women in skimpy outfits selling things like chicken wings and hamburgers.

But here’s something to chew on: There can also be great power in choosing to use our bodies—and everything else at our disposal—for good.

Join the Lettuce Ladies in encouraging others to make changes in their lives to help animals.

Turn Over a New Leaf:

Pledge to Go Vegan Today!

Going vegan is the biggest statement we can make for animals.

Not only will you be taking a huge step to lessen your environmental footprint, you’ll drive market change that will help lower the demand for animal-based foods. That means a future with fewer animals suffering on factory farms. The health benefits are just the cherry on top. Vegans and vegetarians are, on average, lighter than their meat-eating counterparts. Plant-based eaters also tend to live longer than those with meat-heavy diets, and they have a lower risk of suffering from diabetes and strokes.

What are you waiting for?

Animals need our voices, our talents, our bodies, and most of all, our help. No matter what you’re wearing, get your body out to the streets. Attend a protest in your area, leave animal rights leaflets or literature at your local gym or coffee shop, attend a city council meeting and get active to help animals in your community.

Pledge to go vegan now–and then order a free vegan starter kit.

Pledge to Go Vegan!

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