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4,000 Dogs Rescued, a Guerilla Marketing Food Truck, and Aliens in VR: PETA's 2022

After making steady progress for more than four decades, some people might feel like resting on their laurels. But PETA will never stop working for animals, and 2022 proved just how effective and innovative we can be—taking advantage of new technology, reaching new audiences, and achieving even more victories in our mission to end speciesism around the world!

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Here are just a few of PETA’s victories for animals in 2022:

  • More than 4,000 dogs bred for use in experiments were rescued! These animals were spared further suffering in a historic operation to remove them from the closed-down Envigo facility in Cumberland, Virginia, and put them up for adoption, giving them the opportunity to feel love and kindness for the first time.
  • After 30 years of work by PETA scientists and tens of thousands of our supporters’ responses to our action alerts, the U.S. Department of Transportation ended its requirement to use rabbits in painful skin-corrosion tests.
  • We persuaded Texas A&M University to retire the nine remaining dogs who’d been used in its canine muscular dystrophy laboratory.
  • We compelled companies like Armani and Dolce & Gabbana to pull angora off their shelves, Burberry and Moda Operandi to ban exotic skins, and and other companies to stop selling brushes made from badger hair.
  • Investigations by PETA entities revealed the suffering of ducks and geese used for down. New undercover footage released by PETA Germany takes viewers inside a slaughterhouse where birds are killed for their feathers—and reveals why down can never be considered “ethical” or “responsible.”
  • Our “Hell on Wheels” guerrilla marketing campaign woke the public up to the horrific suffering endured by animals used for meat, eggs, and dairy.
  • At a headline-grabbing PETA demonstration in New York City, actor James Cromwell superglued himself to the counter of a Starbucks location to protest the chain’s speciesist upcharge for plant-based milks.
  • Our investigation into the stone crab industry resulted in multiple cruelty-to-animals charges, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture doled out multiple citations after our investigation into an exotic livestock auction uncovered a cesspool of cruelty in North Carolina.
  • We unveiled a new form of augmented reality that shows consumers how their money funds experiments on animals, and our newest virtual reality experience, Abduction, gave students an in-person perspective on being subjected to experimentation against their will.
  • We brought our food justice campaign to food deserts in cities across the country, helping more and more people recognize the benefits of going vegan—for animals, the planet, and themselves.
  • We delivered bales of straw to dogs left outside in the cold and conducted spay/neuter clinics in the sweltering heat of Cancún. In total, our clinics spayed or neutered more than 13,000 animals. We delivered more than 250 sturdy doghouses, and we gave more than 2,000 animals the chance to enjoy the better life they deserve.
  • Walmart, Publix, and other companies dropped coconut milk obtained through forced monkey labor following PETA campaigns, and a historic 141 cruelty charges were filed against farm workers we had filmed abusing turkeys.

Let’s Make 2023 the Biggest Year for Animal Rights Ever

On behalf of everyone at PETA, thank you for being part of our victories for animals and supporting the truly vital work of ending speciesism. In 2023 and beyond, we hope you’ll join us—always and in all ways—in challenging the human-supremacist view that one species is more important than another.

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