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PETA to Taiwanese Food Companies: End Animal Tests for Selling Products!

PETA is leading a global effort to spare the lives of countless animals used in deadly food and beverage industry experiments and replace them with effective, ethical and economical animal-free research tools. After hearing from us, dozens of companies around the world—including Asahi, Dole Food Company, and Pernod Ricard—have ended animal tests.

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Despite scientific evidence that animal testing is ineffective and fails to lead to medical treatments for humans, food and beverage companies around the world continue to boost sales by turning to animal experiments for proof that ingredients in their products promote human health. Countless chimpanzees, monkeys, dogs, pigs, rabbits, hamsters, mice, and rats have endured cruel tests so that food marketers can attempt to persuade consumers to spend money on their goods.

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PETA Victories for Animals in Taiwan

After pressure from PETA, many food and beverage companies in Taiwan have stopped attempting to establish dubious human health claims by conducting or funding deadly experiments on animals. Instead, they’ll now no longer take part in animal tests unless they’re required by law or government regulators (and PETA is working on that, too).

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Help Us Stamp Out Animal Testing

There’s more work to be done. There are far too many Taiwan-based food and beverage companies that continue to torment and kill animals in an attempt to support their marketing claims, and some government regulations still allow—or even require—this needless cruelty.

The 20 Taiwan-based food and beverage companies that have conducted the most laboratory experiments have bled, dissected, drowned, electroshocked, force-fed, poisoned, starved, and/or killed more than 8,000 animals over the past two decades. None of these tests were required by law.

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