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Whether we have feathers, scales, fur, or hair, we’re all the same in the ways that matter.

Humans must fight for those who are mistreated—regardless of their race, age, gender, ability, sexual orientation, or species.

Student protesting speciesism with Students Opposing Speciesism

Many humans grow up thinking of themselves as entirely different from and superior to other animals. This supremacist mindset is ingrained in our society, and it results in devastating suffering for billions of animals.

chimpanzee in zooJo-Anne McArthur / Born Free Foundation / We Animals Media

How can you join the fight to #EndSpeciesism? By raising your voice and calling out speciesism—whether it’s on the street or outside a festival, sporting event, school, or store—and demanding an end to it wherever you see it, using our protest kit!

The kit materials—along with your own tablet or laptop showing footage of the cruelty that animals endure because of speciesism—can be used repeatedly to reach your friends, classmates, and community. Work with your SOS hub or take solo actions each week or month, whatever schedule works for you. The goal is consistent, meaningful action—and we’ll help you every step of the way.

Student demonstrating with SOS to end speciesism

Each protest kit includes these materials:

  • An “End Speciesism” campaign guide
  • A video to play on your tablet or laptop during protests
  • 50 SOS “This Is My Story” leaflets explaining speciesism
  • 50 SOS sticker sheets
  • 50 copies of our “Guide to Going Vegan”
  • 3 to 5 protest signs (or more, depending on how many you need)
  • 10 protest masks
  • 10 SOS bandanas to wear or give to attendees
  • 10 SOS T-shirts to wear or give to attendees
  • 10 SOS wristbands to wear or give to attendees