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PETA's 'Holy' Super Bowl Ad With James Cromwell Will Make You a Believer

Farms are hell for animals. So what happens when a meat industry exec goes to confession?

Find out in PETA’s 2018 Super Bowl ad starring James Cromwell as a priest who’s almost heard it all. 

If meat companies labeled their animal body parts honestly, few people would buy them. But even those companies know that feel-good labels like “humane,” “free-range,” “cage-free,” etc., are more Hans Christian Andersen than gospel truth.

On so-called “humane” farms, animals are usually still subjected to unholy rituals such as tail removal, ear-notching, debeaking, dehorning, and castration—all without pain killers. They’re kept in crowded sheds without sunlight or fresh air, and their beloved offspring are taken away from them. Many “humane meat” pushers send animals to the same slaughterhouses used by factory farms—where they’re killed in exactly the same hellish ways.

PETA has never found humane meat, eggs, or dairy “products”—because they don’t exist, no matter the label, certification, or claim.

While meat industry insiders are working overtime trying to persuade shoppers to worship at the altar of “humane meat,” they’re simultaneously working to pass “ag-gag” laws in order to criminalize filming or photographing on farms.

If the practices there are so acceptable, why prosecute people who film them? Why not just invite the congregation over for Sunday dinner?

james cromwell plays a priest in PETA's banned SuperBowl Ad set in a church
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