Tell Seventh Generation to Clean Up Its Act

Please take a moment to let Seventh Generation know that you will not buy its products until the company stops supporting campaigns that promote tests on animals.



hile Seventh Generation is not testing its own products on animals, the company is calling for legislation that will INCREASE animal testing in the U.S. Please take a moment to sign our petition to Seventh Generation pledging not to buy its products until the company stops promoting tests on animals!

For years, Seventh Generation has been a go-to brand for compassionate customers looking for cruelty-free cleaning and other household products. But while we’ve washed our clothes, cleaned the windows, and scrubbed the floors with its products, Seventh Generation has been pushing for laws that will result in the painful poisoning deaths of tens of millions of animals.

Here is Seventh Generation’s dirty secret: The company has been an outspoken advocate of a number of campaigns that promote tests on animals, including its own Million Baby Crawl. Now the company has gone even further by refusing to support reforms to the Toxic Substances Control Act that would reduce the number of animals poisoned and killed in experiments.

We have tried for years to persuade Seventh Generation to pull its support for these pointless tests, but the company has stated that supporting reforms to reduce the number of cruel and painful tests on animals “is not really compatible” with its position.

As a company that markets itself as cruelty-free, Seventh Generation has enjoyed the support of consumers who want products that have been produced without harming animals, but until the company cleans up its act and stops supporting measures to increase tests on animals, we have no choice but to air its dirty laundry.

UPDATE: Seventh Generation Reverses Course

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