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Dairy foods are made from a mother’s milk. Cows produce milk to feed their babies. The dairy industry forcibly impregnates cows so that they’ll give birth and produce milk. Cows can’t consent to this—it’s rape.

Newborn calves are torn away from their distraught mothers so that they can’t suckle, and the milk meant for them is turned into products for humans to eat and drink. The male babies, who can’t produce milk, are often slaughtered for veal.

A mother cow’s love for her calf is like the love your mother has for you. The mother-calf bond is particularly strong, and on dairy farms, mother cows have been known to try hiding their babies and frantically chase after and call for them when they’ve been taken. No mother deserves to feel the terror and heartbreak of seeing her baby be hauled off, never to return—repeatedly.

No Cow Used for Dairy Makes It Out Alive

Cows can live for about 20 years, but on dairy farms, they’re typically sent to slaughter before their fifth birthday—once their bodies have worn out.

Male calves won’t ever be able to produce milk, so most are snatched from their mothers when they’re a few days old and confined to a crate, where they’re forced to live all alone with barely any room to move and denied suckling, affection, and sunlight. The sickly babies are fed an iron-deficient diet so that they’ll become anemic and have tender flesh before they’re slaughtered for veal. Consuming dairy also supports the veal industry.

Every year, 30 million cows are shipped to slaughterhouses, where they’re violently killed by desensitized and exploited workers, all while Big Dairy profits from their misery.

This is speciesism, and you can help stop it by making the connection that cow’s milk is stolen from mothers whose babies are taken away to be killed or exploited—and then ditching dairy.

—Take Action for Baby Cows—

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Neglected, Lame Cows Suffer Painfully in Filth for Cheese

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