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The dominos of the big-cat cub-petting industry are falling, but there’s still work to do.

Netflix’s hit series Tiger King has riveted viewers around the globe, bringing attention to the cruelty that baby tigers and other big-cat cubs endure when they’re used as props for lucrative photo ops. PETA has been leading the charge in the fight against this abuse, securing courtroom victories establishing that prematurely separating sensitive, vulnerable, federally protected big-cat cubs from their mothers and using them for public encounters violates federal law. PETA’s court wins have led to the rescue of big cats from the villains of Tiger King, including 25 from Tim Stark, and have also laid the groundwork for the U.S. Department of Justice to seize 69 big cats from Jeff Lowe, whose cub-petting breeding mill is now defunct. PETA also saved 39 tigers from “Joe Exotic”before he fled his roadside zoo and was arrested and charged with murder-for-hire and wildlife crimes.

The use of big cats for photo ops has plummeted following the first season of Tiger King, but there are still some cruel exhibitors who continue to tear defenseless cubs away from their mothers, exploit them for photo ops, and condemn them to a lifetime of suffering, often depriving them of adequate exercise, enrichment, and veterinary care.

PETA is hard at work to end cruel big-cat cub petting nationwide, and you can help. Taking action for big cats has never been easier—just click on the button below.

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Traveling animal exhibitors cart big-cat cubs to fairs, shopping malls, and parking lots so that people can pay to have their photo taken with them. Roadside zoos also force these animals into stressful public encounters.

In nature, tigers would stay with their protective and nurturing mothers for up to two years, but tiger cubs used for photo ops are torn away from their mothers when they’re just days or weeks old.

Premature maternal separation causes psychological and physical trauma.

Baby wild animals, just like baby humans, need the constant comfort of their mother. They need her milk, her warmth, her companionship, and, most of all, to be left undisturbed so that they can rest and develop properly. These frightened, helpless infants are susceptible to many dangers, including cold and heat stress, malnutrition, exhaustion, and infectious diseases—all especially challenging for babies, since they have underdeveloped immune systems.

Big cats used for public encounters face a lifetime of suffering.

Untold numbers of big cats are tossed aside once they’re too big to be used as props in photos, and they’ll spend the rest of their lives inside cramped, barren cages. Some will be used as breeding machines to continue the cycle of abuse. Many will exhibit signs of severe psychological distress, including incessantly pacing back and forth. Others will simply be killed once they have become too large to be used in photo ops and are no longer valuable to profit-hungry exhibitors.

All around the world, big cats are abused and held in cruel conditions just so that tourists can snap a photo with them.

Whether it’s at a county fair or when traveling abroad, never participate in photo ops with wild animals—and don’t be duped by shoddy roadside zoos that call themselves a “sanctuary.” Remember: Reputable sanctuaries never breed or sell animals, never allow public encounters or photo ops with wild animals, and never cart wild animals to fairs or other displays for entertainment.

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Taking a baby away from his or her mother is wrong. Please, help end this abuse.

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