PETA’s Banned Thanksgiving “School Play” Ad Gives Viewers Food for Thought

Every November, children across the country rehearse for their school play, for which they’ll dress like Pilgrims and Native Americans and re-enact the very first Thanksgiving almost 400 years ago. It’s probably a good thing that the play ends with that first happy Thanksgiving get-together, because, after that, things didn’t go so well for the Native Americans—or for the turkeys, either.

Directed by famed music video and commercial director Dave Meyers, our new Thanksgiving ad features a straight-talking little girl dressed as a turkey who goes off-script during her school play. Surprisingly, it was banned by ABC even though it doesn’t contain any sex, violence, or profanity, unlike popular ABC shows such as American Crime and Scandal that regularly depict sex and violence.

Why is the network concerned that some viewers might be “disturbed” then? Watch the spot and find out:

“What’s truly disturbing is ABC’s decision to reject a lighthearted message of compassion, unlike all the violent content that gets the green light,” says PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange. “This Thanksgiving, PETA urges families to carve out a new tradition by giving turkeys a break and opting for a delicious, cruelty-free vegan feast.”

Over 45 million turkeys are killed every year for Thanksgiving. That’s 45 million sensitive, intelligent animals who likely endured a miserable life crammed together amid their own waste inside filthy warehouses and then died violently and painfully—and those were the lucky ones. Many turkeys experience even worse fates.

PETA eyewitness investigations have uncovered heinous acts of cruelty and depravity far beyond just slaughtering the turkeys, including stomping on live birds and slamming them against walls. Watch here and here to see what the turkeys at your grocery store may have gone through just a few weeks ago.

Then take a look at “Grace,” PETA’s award-winning Thanksgiving commercial that has also incomprehensibly been banned for being too disturbing for viewers:

And then, scratch “turkey” off your holiday shopping list and make a pilgrimage for fabulously good vegan holiday recipes and healthy alternatives to decaying flesh.

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