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Unlocking the Animal World

Incredible Facts and How Kids Can Be Superheroes for Animals


Kindness is one of the first qualities that parents, caregivers, and educators hope to instill in children, and one of the easiest ways to achieve that is by teaching them the importance of empathy for and kindness to animals. But sometimes teaching about kindness to animals is limited to certain species, like the dogs and cats many children share their homes with. But there are millions of animal species on Earth, and many of them are little known or misunderstood. Kids may fear or dislike species they don’t understand, but the more they learn about different types of animals, the more respect and kindness they’ll have for all of them. 

Unlocking the Animal World: Incredible Facts and How Kids Can Be Superheroes for Animals by Ingrid Newkirk is the perfect resource for teaching young people that all animals are unique, important individuals. In this book, students will learn fascinating facts about animals found in the sky, the ocean, forests, and everywhere in between and explore ways to make the world a better place for them.

Reading level

Grades 4 – 6

Print length

90 pages



Unlocking the Animal World introduces students to interesting new concepts through creative questions and attention-grabbing facts:

Here’s some fascinating information your students might not know:

When it comes to which little animals make the biggest display of love, the winners might just be exploding ants. Tree-dwelling ants in the jungles of Southeast Asia have the scientific name Colobopsis explodens for a good reason. They have sacs on their bodies that hold poisonous yellow goo. When an intruder tries to attack their colony, the ants defend it with their lives: They make themselves explode, spraying the invader with the sticky, icky fluid and saving the day. The next time someone you love asks you to help out around the house by picking up your clothes or doing the dishes, just remember: At least they didn’t ask you to explode!

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Students are sure to be entertained and fascinated to learn that humans aren’t the only animals who show love, have friends, play, and more. When children discover how amazing our fellow animals are, they’ll develop a deeper level of kindness and respect for them and be inspired to become superheroes for them. You can help spark their interest by adding Unlocking the Animal World to your classroom or library:

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