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Raid laboratories and rescue animals in PETA’s

Bunny Raiders

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An action-packed adventure available now for free on PS4 and PS5.

Play online and team up with friends!

Poster for PETA's video game "Bunny Raiders"
ESRB's E10+ game rating

Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood

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A gameplay screenshot from 'Bunny Raiders.' The player is rescuing monkeys


The Bunny Raiders are a brave band of animal defenders on a mission to liberate animals from laboratories before bad people torture and kill them in cruel, useless experiments. Their motto: “No one is left behind.”


The experimenters have dispatched killer robots to make sure no one stands in the way of their curiosity-driven experiments on helpless animals. Equip yourself with carrot bombs, blueberry blaster guns, and other gadgets to destroy the robots and free animals along the way.

A gameplay screenshot from 'Bunny Raiders.' The player is rescuing mice


In hidden laboratories, experimenters imprison mice and monkeys in cages to wait in fear of the next terrifying and painful procedure. Vivisectors will drug and nearly drown mice in forced swim tests and suck parts of monkeys’ brains out.


The Machine of Despair

The menacing Machine of Despair is used for conducting the forced swim test on mice, who are injected with drugs and forced to swim for their lives in a container of water.

The Machine of Fright

The Machine of Fright saws open monkeys’ skulls and then inflicts permanent brain damage on them. When the painful procedure is complete, the monkeys are locked up in cramped cages and tormented in “fright” experiments.

The Bunny Raiders video game boss: Machine of Fright
A brown and black abstract painting

The animals’ only hope is a band of bunnies who have sworn to protect their fellow animals and Mother Nature.

Will you join the Bunny Raiders and stop the animal experiments before it’s too late?

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In real life, monkeys and mice suffer in cruel experiments—just like the animals in the world of Bunny Raiders do.

Funded by millions in taxpayer dollars, National Institutes of Health experimenter Elisabeth Murray sucks out or burns parts of monkeys’ brains, confines the animals all alone to a small metal cage contained inside a larger box, and then terrorizes them with rubber snakes and spiders. PETA is waging a campaign to end these experiments—and you can help by taking action now.

Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly refuses to ban the forced swim test, in which mice and other small animals are dropped into water-filled beakers and forced to swim for their lives. After discussions with PETA, numerous big pharmaceutical companies announced that they would no longer conduct or fund the test. We need your help to urge Eli Lilly to do the same—take action now!

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