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16 Celebs You'll See at PETA's (Virtual) 40th Anniversary Gala

To put it simply, y’all ain’t ready. Big-name stars are coming out to celebrate PETA’s remarkable 40th anniversary at a virtual livestream event on Saturday, December 12. Our annual gala is being hosted online for the first time ever this year, and some of Hollywood’s biggest names have RSVP’d.

Across four decades of pioneering advances in the animal rights movement, PETA has long relied on the compassion and conviction of celebrities who use their platforms to advocate for animals. To see everyone who’s attending, you’ll need to buy a ticket and tune in to the livestream. However, below, we’ll give you a sneak peek at just some of the stars you’ll spot at our big anniversary bash.

You dare ask?

Legendary diva Mariah Carey will be presenting an award.

Excited Dance GIF by Dolly Parton - Find & Share on GIPHY

Jo-no she didn’t-lene! The iconic Dolly Parton will be popping up as well.

Wait What Instinct GIF by CBS - Find & Share on GIPHY

Yes! Dolly freaking Parton.

And the super-cute Alan Cumming will serve as the evening’s host.

But don’t stop now! Other exciting guests from the music industry will make an appearance.

Flexing Ll Cool J GIF by Lip Sync Battle - Find & Share on GIPHY

Well, Jermaine Dupri will be buzzing in from the comfort and safety of his recording studio …

Belinda Carlisle Gogos GIF by The Go-Go's - Find & Share on GIPHY

… and Belinda Carlisle will be Go-Going online to attend PETA’s virtual party.

Oh, also …

Point Reaction GIF by Paul McCartney - Find & Share on GIPHY

Paul McCartney?! 

That’s Sir Paul McCartney.

Jane Fonda Netflix GIF by Grace and Frankie - Find & Share on GIPHY

Longtime PETA friend Lily Tomlin will say hi.

Excited Pumped Up GIF by NFL - Find & Share on GIPHY

Super Bowl champ Tyrann Mathieu will pop in.

George Lopez Hispanic Heritage Month GIF by TV Land - Find & Share on GIPHY

George Lopez can’t stop talking about how excited he is to go.

Girl, even Vivien Lyra Blair and Tim Gunn will be there.

Frustrated Tim Gunn GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Mind blown.

Joaquin Phoenix Oscars GIF by The Academy Awards - Find & Share on GIPHY

We hear that Anjelica Huston and Joaquin Phoenix both plan to attend. Do you?

The Addams Family 90S GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

PETA Honorary Director Pamela Anderson will swing by.

Gillian Anderson will raise a celebratory glass in honor of PETA’s 40th anniversary.

Alec Baldwin GIF by Mission Impossible - Find & Share on GIPHY

Even Alec Baldwin will be there!

I’m excited! I want to go! How can I get a ticket to PETA’s 40th anniversary party?

peta 40th anniversary celeb guests©

These are just a few of the stars and deserving awardees you’ll see honored at our virtual 40th anniversary gala. What are you waiting for? An individual ticket is only $40 and grants access to the following:

  • PETA’s 40th anniversary celebration livestream
  • Special discounted cruelty-free products from PETA Business Friends and other companies
  • An exciting and robust online silent auction, with a chance to bid on a variety of unique items and opportunities donated by PETA-friendly companies
  • A special discount to vegan meal delivery company MamaSezz
Buy Your Ticket Now!