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Our Work in Mexico

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PETA’s taking on the animal overpopulation and homelessness crises one city at a time, and in March, we “fixed” a total of 499 companion cats and dogs in Chichimilá and Cancún, Mexico! You won’t want to miss these sweet images of the patients and their guardians:

Guardians in Mexico cradle their sleeping dogs after retrieving them from surgery.

Video: See Rescued ‘Backyard Dogs’ Thrive in Cancún Foster Home →

230 Animals Spayed or Neutered, Thanks to PETA Latino

Adios, Animal Overpopulation: PETA Latino’s Free Spay/Neuter Events in Mexico Are Changing Lives →

From the Streets to a Safe Shelter: Here’s How PETA Latino and Local Partners Helped Matilda and Other Dogs and Cats in Cancún →

Cancún Spay-a-Thon Reaches Hundreds of Dogs and Cats

PETA Latino in Cancún: Spaying Like There’s No Mañana →

No More Concrete: PETA Helped Simon Find a New ‘Leash’ on Life in Mexico

With support from PETA’s Global Compassion Fund, fieldworkers returned to Mexico this week for another spay-a-thon to help combat the Cancún area’s massive companion animal overpopulation crisis, but that’s not all!

After meeting up with a local partner shelter, fieldworkers put their expertise to work for dogs in desperate need of care, shelter, and a bit of affection. The team has spent the past several days helping dogs like Simon, whom they found confined to a concrete slab by a short, heavy chain.

The Spay/Neuter Event in Cancún Had Some Pawsome Visitors

More than 170 dogs and cats won’t be contributing to Mexico’s deadly homeless-animal overpopulation crisis, thanks to a massively successful two-day spay/neuter event hosted by PETA Latino in Cancún. The Spay-a-Thon took place in the neighborhood of Colonia El Pedregal at a local elementary school and was the fourth of six clinics PETA Latino has organized in the area this year.

Some notable guests came to cheer on the PETA Latino and local shelter staffers and veterinarians: Mayor Ana Patricia Peralta, who visited the clinic and presented the host shelter with a brand-new truck to help transport animals in need, and Erika Fernandez, a popular actor, presenter, and founder of the rescue organization Amor Sin Raza

Family Stays Loyal to Dog, Never Leaving Him Behind While Seeking Asylum →

PETA Latino Hosts Its Biggest Spay/Neuter Event Yet, in Cancún

‘Frisky Feline’ Sofía Sisniega Leads Spay-a-Thon for Cats in Cancún

PETA Latino headed back to Mexico over the weekend and joined forces with Cancún municipal animal shelter Dirección de Protección y Bienestar Animal and actor Sofía Sisniega for a spay-a-thon to help nip “kitten season” in the bud.

PETA Latino Shares the Love With Dogs in Cancún on Valentine’s Day 

PETA Latino spayed or neutered 217 lucky dogs in Cancún on Valentine’s Day, helping to reduce the number of homeless companion animals. PETA Latino sponsored the event on February 14 and 15 in honor of actor Kate del Castillo’s work to combat companion animal overpopulation. Now, that’s true love!

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Lifesaving Care Given by PETA in Chichimilá, Mexico

PETA staff and a talented tAugust 6, 2021eam of veterinarians made their way to Chichimilá, Mexico, with a mission: to help nip the homeless-animal crisis in the bud. The crew, supported by a generous donation from the Dancing Star Foundation, set up a temporary spay/neuter clinic and helped inform community members about the needs of their animal companions.

Curbing the Homeless Dog and Cat Crisis in Cancún, Mexico

Earlier this year, with the help of the city government, we sponsored a hugely popular, free spay/neuter event, sterilizing 136 dogs and 64 cats in just two days—and now we’re back to help again. The municipal animal shelter, Dirección de Protección y Bienestar Animal—along with the support of a PETA representative—held two smaller clinics in Cancún that provided 120 more cats and dogs with spay/neuter procedures, all free of charge.
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