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Ukraine Updates

ARK rescuing dog in flooding in Ukraine
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June 7, 2024

PETA-Supported Animal Rescue Teams Scour Streets for Survivors in Ukraine

Undeterred by air raids and hellish battles, PETA-supported animal rescuers take to the rubble-strewn streets of Ukraine, scouring them for survivors.

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Pig Rescued in Ukraine Amid Bombing, Thanks to PETA-Supported Team

PETA-supported rescuers knew they had to act fast to evacuate a pig from a deadly situation in Ukraine. Find out how they saved the day again!

Pulled From the Rubble! Twenty Animals Rescued in Vovchansk, Ukraine

Traumatized dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals were in a grim situation in Vovchansk, Ukraine, but PETA-supported teams arrived in time to pull them from the rubble.

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Dogs Stranded in a Devastating Assault Outside Kharkiv

On a harrowing mission deep in war-torn Vovchansk, Ukraine, a PETA-supported rescue team stared death in the face to save four dogs.

BREAKING: Urgent Animal Rescue Operation Underway in Ukraine’s Kharkiv War Zone

PETA-supported teams in Ukraine are undergoing an emergency evacuation for hundreds of animals in their care—find out how to help them save a life.

Rescued in Ukraine! Butch the Dog’s Astonishing Transformation

PETA-supported teams in Ukraine showered terrified dog Butch with love and medical care until he was ready to start his new life. Watch the video now!

Amid Bombs and Gunfire, PETA-Supported Rescuers Save Nearly 2 Dozen Animals

Animals near combat zones were distressed, anxious, and urgently in need of help. Watch PETA-supported teams in Ukraine push all fears aside to get survivors to safety.

How Did Sick Dog Britney Survive in a Heavily Bombed City? Watch the Videouers in Ukraine

Britney was cowering in an old barn, hiding from the terrifying onslaught of gunfire in a Ukrainian town, when PETA-supported teams came to her rescue.

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60 Dogs and Cats Are on Their Way to New Lives, Thanks to Rescuers in Ukraine

The day before PETA-supported teams arrived, two bombs hit a town in Ukraine. Watch the video to see how they worked with compassionate people to get animals out.

5 Dogs in Ukraine Rescued From Abandoned Village—Watch Now!

Through hunger, cancer, and festering wounds, these dogs clung to survival against all odds. Watch as a PETA-supported team gives them the care they desperately need.

Rescued Dog! Kolyasik Makes Stunning Transformation in Ukraine

Not long ago, a dog named Kolyasik was at death’s door. He could barely hold his emaciated body upright, and a severe case of red mange left his skin raw and his hair falling out in clumps. You won’t want to miss this sweet boy’s fantastic transformation.

Their Houses Went Up in Smoke After Bombs Hit—Here’s What Happened Next

Daring PETA-supported rescuers are saving every animal they can near the embattled village of Luhivka, just 2 miles from the Russian border. Watch as they risk it all to evacuate a terrified dachshund named Timosha and dozens of other animals trapped on the front lines.

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Rescued From the Rubble! Team in Ukraine Swoops In to Save 30 Animals After Bombing

In one bombed-out area in Ukraine, the houses were barely standing. Watch as PETA-supported rescuers navigate the dangerous terrain to save more than two dozen animals.

Manya Rescued From a Snowdrift in Ukraine: Watch Her Jaw-Dropping Recovery

Watch Manya’s tale. This beloved girl went from hopeless to hopeful, thanks to a PETA-supported clinic.

Rescuers in Ukraine Helped Tsunami Weather the Storm—You Should See Her Now!

Beneath the burns and shrapnel wounds covering Tsunami’s body was a sweet dog whose life has now been transformed by PETA-supported rescuers.

Two Years of Saving Animals in Ukraine: Here’s a Glimpse at Rescuers’ Everyday Lives

After 17,520 hours of rockets, destruction, and suffering, PETA-supported teams continue to move mountains for animals in Ukraine. Learn what they’ve accomplished in two years.

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Drone Strikes in Ukraine Hit Animal Rescuers’ Van—Watch How They Escaped

PETA-supported animal rescuers had a close call during a mission to help dogs and cats make a safe getaway in Ukraine.

Rescuers in Ukraine Scour Bomb-Riddled City to Save Desperate Animals

Residents in Avdiivka needed PETA-supported teams’ help to save animals from the aftermath of bombings. Meet a few of those they rescued.

Locals in Ukraine Knew Just Whom to Call When This Swan Was in Trouble

An injured swan in Ukraine was desperate for help, trapped in the center of a frozen lake. Watch as PETA-supported rescuers come to his aid.

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See This Mare Being Rescued From the Front Lines in Ukraine

In Ukraine, a pregnant mare’s desperate attempt to escape tripped a bomb, badly injuring her. See as members of a PETA-supported team risk their own safety to rescue her.

VIDEO: Watch Animal Rescuers Brave Winter’s Worst to Save Lives

The winter weather is harsh, but PETA-supported rescuers in Ukraine pushed on to help a pack of abandoned dogs escape the frontlines. Watch the video and help their work continue!

Watch: Meet Some of the Animals You’ve Helped in Ukraine Since the War Started

PETA-supported rescuers in Ukraine have a message that will be the highlight of your week. Meet a few of the animals they’ve rescued with your help, and keep their vital work going!

How Rescuers in Ukraine Saved 8 Puppies and Their Mom Just in Time

When kind Ukrainian soldiers discovered a pregnant dog searching for safety near the front lines, they gave her refuge in their bunker—where she later gave birth to eight puppies. Watch as a PETA-supported team goes on a mission through the destroyed village to rescue abandoned animals, including the new mom and her tiny babies!

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Polish Trucker Blockade Threatens Animal Safety in Ukraine

Animals in Ukraine were running out of food when PETA Germany was stopped by a blockade during its monthly delivery. See how the team kept this vital work going.

Rescuers in Action: Watch Pregnant Horse Maria’s Jaw-Dropping Escape From Death

As bombs tore apart her home in Ukraine, a pregnant horse’s desperate attempt to escape involved an explosion and an injured hoof. Watch as PETA-supported teams come to her rescue.

Drone Attack! Teams in Ukraine Save Animals While Under Fire

Two hundred terrified animals on a farm in Ukraine watched as their home was torn apart, one blast at a time. Watch as a PETA-supported team braves a Russian drone attack to get everyone out alive!

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5 Minutes, Dozens of Lives Changed: The Latest Rescues in Ukraine

Owners killed, homes destroyed—for many animals in Ukraine, this can seem like the end. But it’s only the beginning, thanks to PETA-supported teams. Learn how to fuel their work!

Watch Rescuers Brave the Bombs to Save 40 Cats and Dogs

Twenty-five bombs rained down on a town in Ukraine in one day, but PETA-supported rescuers braved the battlefield to save 40 panicking dogs and cats.

Watch as a PETA-supported team rescues 40 panicked dogs and cats from the embattled Kherson region of Ukraine—and stops to help a wounded resident along the way.

Cats Are Surviving the War in Ukraine in the Coolest Place

Rescued cats in Ukraine have gotten the best upgrade to their safe house digs, thanks to PETA’s Global Compassion Fund. This spectacular refuge is sure to make your feline friend wonder why you’ve been sleeping on setting them up with a suspension bridge and wall perches. Check it out—you may have a trip to the hardware store in your near future!

Dog Miraculously Survives Bombing—See His Smile After Rescuers Found Him

Arik miraculously survived a missile strike 54 yards from where he was chained to the side of a house in Ukraine. When a PETA Global Compassion Fund–supported team moved through the area to scoop up injured and abandoned animals, kind Ukrainian soldiers told them not to forget sweet Arik! Watch this handsome dog’s rescue.

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Greatest (Rescue) of All Time: Ukrainian Goat Named Alaska Is Lucky to Be Alive

As the war in Ukraine rages on and residents flee their homes, leaving animals behind to face the missiles and gunfire on their own, little sweethearts like Alaska have no choice but to endure the misery and terror. This gorgeous girl, who had a broken leg with a ghastly abscess growing around it, bleated for help from the PETA-supported rescuers who found her.

How a Dog Named Victory Escaped Defeat in Ukraine—and More!

Thanks to your donations, PETA-supported rescuers are able to answer the call when animals, like Lada and Victory, in Ukraine need help.

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A ‘Tail’ of Two Dogs: Charik and Graf Will Live to See Another Day

Don’t miss how PETA-supported teams in Ukraine saved the lives of Charik, Graf, and many others when all hope seemed lost. Then find out how you can help animals like them!

The Will to Be! Hamlet’s Story May Have You Crying Tears of Joy

After suffering the slings and arrows (or in this case—missiles) of outrageous fortune, Hamlet and his guardian were left with only their lives—and injured Hamlet needed help, fast.

Hamlet the dog
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Vegan Meals for Soldiers and More: See How PETA-Supported Teams Are Making an Impact in Ukraine

For more than 6,500 dogs, cats, donkeys, and other animals, rescue teams supported by PETA’s Global Compassion Fund were the difference between life and death.

Front Line Animal Rescuer in Ukraine: Infinitely Grateful for PETA

Igor Sobko has seen horrors and heartwarming recoveries while working with PETA-supported rescue teams to save animals in Ukraine. Learn how you can support this work!

Watch: A Soldier’s Plea to Stop Violence

This Ukrainian medic on the war’s front lines has a powerful message for the world.

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Out of the Flood, Into the Fire

Teams have rescued nearly 300 traumatized dogs, cats, chickens, and other animals from the deadly flooding in Ukraine.

Finding Survivors in the Flood

More than 200 dogs, cats, chickens, and goats (and even a turtle) have now been pulled from the floodwaters and are receiving the care they need, thanks to the strong network of rescuers, volunteers, veterinarians, and shelters supported by the many recent donors to PETA’s Global Compassion Fund.

Meet Afina and Other Flood Survivors

From dogs and cats to chickens and goats, teams supported by PETA’s Global Compassion Fund are rescuing around 50 animals every day from debris-filled floodwaters in Ukraine.

Watch as Rescuers Save Animals

Over 100 dogs, cats, chickens, and other animals have been saved from dangerous flooding in southern Ukraine so far. Watch as a team supported by PETA’s Global Compassion Fund whisks traumatized animal survivors onto their boats and away to safety.

Finding Survivors in the Flood

Teams supported by PETA’s Global Compassion Fund are carefully navigating the floodwaters in Ukraine to find cats, dogs, chickens, and other animal survivors and rush them to dry land, where they’re provided with food and water. Volunteers are transporting them to a nearby veterinary clinic and animal shelters.

Animals Face Drowning in Ukrainian Flood Zone

Teams supported by PETA’s Global Compassion Fund (GCF) are navigating the murky waters of flooded streets to save frightened animals clinging to rooftops or struggling to reach a patch of dry ground after the destruction of a major dam in southern Ukraine.

Since just days after the war in Ukraine began, PETA Germany has teamed up with many organizations to help as many animals there as possible. This strong network, supported by PETA’s Global Compassion Fund, feeds thousands of dogs each week and has rescued more than 11,000 animals so far.

Watch the Global Compassion Fund–backed team Animal Rescue Kharkiv (ARK) on a “day in the life” as they help dog Piglet and countless others:

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The Food Network

A group of dedicated advocates is risking their lives to provide a steady supply of food for dogs, cats, horses, and donkeys.

PETA-Supported Teams Rescue 1,000 Fish and Help Ukraine Soldiers Save Dogs

The PETA-supported team was asked to rescue 1,000 fish from the battle zone in Bakhmut—and you’ll never guess what they offered the owner!

PETA-Supported Teams Overcome Tremendous Odds to Secure Food for 35 Skinny Horses in Ukraine

From orphans feeding homeless animals to a little dog getting a chance at a better life, you won’t want to miss these updates from PETA-supported rescuers in Ukraine. Here’s how your Global Compassion Fund support is making all of this possible!

War Zone Rescues: Saving Lives in Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine isn’t a catastrophe just for humans—the life of every animal in the country is at risk. Learn how PETA Germany and its partners are saving lives in the war zone.

Bari was exhausted.

He had lost his vision some time before the war started, but that didn’t stop the dog from becoming adept at finding somewhere safe to sleep and a caring person to give him food.

Animals left to fend for themselves after evacuations and those who are trying to survive in shelters depend on PETA Germany and its partners as they work together to deliver food, provide emergency care, and rescue frightened animals abandoned in war zones.

A total of 6,500 hungry animals receive food daily. To date, PETA Germany has provided more than 2.2 million pounds of food for dogs, cats, and horses. More than 1,800 animals have been rescued since the beginning of the war.

Feeding the Hungry

With cities in Ukraine surrounded and bombarded with fighting, supplies of food and water are insufficient, but thanks to PETA Germany and its partners, thousands of animals have already been supplied with food. Dogs, cats, and horses have benefited from the more than 1 million kilograms (around 1,000 tons of food) that has been delivered to date. Teams are committed to feeding 6,500 animals every day and will move mountains to bring them food as long as it is needed.

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To the farmer who kept Argentina and Kabia in their stalls for months on end, the pair had only one purpose—to breed more horses. Because their health was declining, he decided to send them to a slaughterhouse.

Transporting large animals during a war isn’t business as usual, so when an animal rescue group in Lviv caught wind that the farmer was looking for slaughterhouse transport, it turned to the public for help. PETA Germany’s rescue team quickly stepped forward.

Atya was trying to survive on Kharkiv’s battle-scarred streets without anyone to help her, scavenging through garbage and other debris to find anything to fill the void in her aching stomach. And she was always on the alert—any hope of having a restful, deep sleep was long gone. Then this poor girl’s life went from awful to much worse.

The team starts their day at Animal Rescue Kharkiv’s (ARK) headquarters, planning stops in and around Kharkiv to rescue dogs and cats who need medical attention and drop off supplies of dog and cat food to the brave volunteers who distribute it daily to the abandoned animals they find. As they gear up with protective helmets and vests, a team member receives an urgent call from a Ukrainian soldier: His troop was evacuating people from their homes nearby when he discovered a terrified dog in a miserable state, left behind in a small, filthy kennel by owners who had fled. A tag around his neck read, “Boy.”

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An injured puppy now named Boni has been rescued!

Near the border between Ukraine and Hungary, a kind person rushed a small puppy to the PETA Germany team. She was alone on the streets, wounded after being attacked by a large dog, and unable to use her back legs. Her mother had likely been homeless and without protection, with no choice but to give birth to her precious babies on the streets.

The team rushed the puppy, whom they named Boni, to the partner veterinary clinic in Hungary. A full examination revealed that none of her bones had been broken, so they treated the wound and began addressing the neurological problem causing the issue with her back legs. The team is happy to report that Boni is making progress day by day. The veterinarian is hopeful that she’ll be able to walk normally, romp around without pain, and one day be adopted into a loving home.

Six gorgeous cats are headed to Switzerland for a chance at a new life. For the first time since the war began, PETA Germany is working with partners in Switzerland to shelter rehabilitated animals from Ukraine who need loving homes.

With winter just around the corner, PETA Germany and its partners are working quickly to prepare for the cold days to come in Ukraine.

The more animals this network of activists can get safely out of war-torn areas right now, the better. Once winter settles in, many already damaged roads are sure to become almost impassable, making it even more difficult to reach animals desperate for help.

Global Compassion Fund supporters are helping PETA Germany and its partners prepare by expanding a partner animal shelter near the Hungarian border. It’s in a region far from the most intense fighting, but space fills up quickly due to the quarantine periods required when moving animals out of Ukraine.

The teams are working hard to increase capacity at the shelter in order to help as many animals as possible escape to safety.

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As the sun comes up, the rescue team, which has been driving for hours, finally crosses into Hungary. They wait for the border guards to check passports while keeping their eyes peeled for any stray animals. Some homeless animals have formed a pack the guards feed, so the team gathers the ones they can in order to help them have a chance at a much better life.

PETA Germany and its partners have rescued hundreds of dogs in and around Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city and a focal point during recent fighting. Perlinka is one of them.

The horrendously high price of food prompted a panicked call to the team from people desperate to feed their horses. More than 100 horses needed help, and between fighting near Odesa and its distance from the border with Hungary, reaching them was no easy task. But that didn’t deter the team from supplying a lifeline in the form of 55 metric tons of food and hay for the starving horses who remain in the war-torn area.

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In an area of heavy fighting southeast of Kharkiv, PETA Germany and its partners arranged a five-day mission to get dogs and cats out of the war-torn region and across the border into Hungary. Some of the dogs had been badly injured—for instance, Sam, who desperately needed surgery because of a wound to one of his legs.

Severely emaciated and badly injured dogs and cats in hard-hit Kharkiv were in urgent need of help. Risking their lives, rescuers got them into Hungary after a high-stress daylong journey, during which the rescue vehicle was hit with shrapnel. Although everyone thankfully made it to safety, this incident serves as a harsh reminder that companion animals and humans in Ukraine are suffering and in danger every day.

While the war in Ukraine rages on, PETA Germany’s partner organization Animal Rescue Kharkiv (ARK) is operating in some of the most dangerous and active battle zones in the beleaguered country.

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Ruda and Misieck have been through so much together. After the dogs escaped terrifying fighting in eastern Ukraine, the first stop on their long journey was a rescue center in Poland, where they were quarantined, examined, microchipped, and vaccinated while PETA Germany’s rescue team secured the necessary documents to take them into Germany.

Since just days after Russia invaded Ukraine, PETA Germany has been working with a network of committed volunteers and organizations to rescue more than 1,650 dogs and cats—and counting! These rescues are in addition to the more than 680 metric tons of food and provisions delivered to help dogs, cats, donkeys, and horses still trapped in war zones, deliveries that will continue as long they’re needed.

When the Russian assault on Eastern Ukraine intensified in the city of Dnipro, PETA Germany and other animal advocates on the ground knew they needed to act quickly. After organizing successful rescue operations to evacuate animals from the cities of Lysychansk and Severodonetsk, they’d become experts at getting animals out of harm’s way—and now they would need to do it again.

PETA Germany and its partners in Ukraine face new challenges every day—but with new obstacles come new triumphs.

PETA Germany and its partner organizations have been in Ukraine since the war began, doing all that they can to get animals and their human family members to safety and delivering food and supplies to those who are still in danger. So far, the rescue teams have transported over 1,600 cats and dogs out of Ukraine and have supplied more than 600 metric tons of provisions and food for dogs, cats, horses, and donkeys. See some of the rescued animals and their grateful guardians in the brief documentary below:

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At only a year old, sweet Daisy was alone in war-torn Ukraine and likely wouldn’t have lived much longer. Thanks to PETA Germany’s repeated efforts to enter a war zone, her life changed drastically for the better when rescuers scooped her up and transported her to safety in Poland, along with dozens of other cats and dogs.

PETA Germany has been on the ground in Ukraine since soon after the war began, working with its partners to transport more than 1,300 animals to safety and delivering over 400 tons of supplies to feed more than 100,000 cats, dogs, horses, and donkeys across the country. Most recently, the teams have been working near the Ukrainian border in Hungary to help animal shelters build the necessary infrastructure to provide up to 300 animals at a time with temporary accommodations.

PETA Germany is building shelters in Hungary to host animals rescued from Ukraine.

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PETA Germany has worked vigorously since Russia invaded Ukraine, rescuing over 1,300 cats and dogs, reuniting refugees with their animal companions, and feeding more than 100,000 cats, dogs, horses, and donkeys across Ukraine.

A woman, her twin children, and the family’s dogs and cats are now safe after PETA Germany braved the wreckage of the warzone in Bucha, Ukraine, to rescue them.

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After receiving information about Ukrainian horses who urgently needed food, PETA Germany sprang into action. It’s still very cold in Ukraine, and parts of the country are still covered in snow, meaning there is no fresh grass for horses to eat.

As the rescue missions continue, meet some of the brave Ukrainians who have risked their lives to save animals.

Since the beginning of Russia’s war in Ukraine, PETA Germany has been moving mountains to get help to those in need. In less than one month, the team has rescued nearly 1,000 animals, fed approximately 84,000 cats and dogs, and helped countless guardians flee the war-torn country with their animal companions in tow. For Bissy (below), who was rescued from a Ukraine shelter, and other animals like her who need loving guardians and a safe place to call home, PETA entities are helping to find permanent placements in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, and elsewhere.

Bissy (below) was one of the first dogs PETA Germany rescued from Lviv, Ukraine. The team found her in a local animal shelter and, of course, took her and many other dogs and cats with them.

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The rescue missions continue! PETA Germany rescued 44 more cats and dogs.

Every time PETA Germany goes on a mission to Ukraine, they load their vans with food so that local rescuers can feed the animals they’re caring for.

To date, the team has delivered 120 tonnes of desperately needed food for dogs and cats in Ukraine.

The team has sent food to overwhelmed locations like Kharkiv and Kyiv, where dogs and cats desperately need supplies. Some of them are still living in shelters that were partially destroyed by bombings, and staff are relying on these supplies to help keep animals alive.

The PETA Germany team is still moving mountains to get to animals in need. Meet some of those rescued from Kharkiv and recently helped by the team.

Humans and other animals continue to receive urgently needed help at the border between Ukraine and Romania, thanks to PETA Germany’s partner organization, Eduxanima, and the kind folks who have supported this vital work.

The teams are there for both refugees and impoverished locals, providing them with food and their animal companions with food and veterinary care.

Another 40,000 pounds of food has been delivered to feed hungry cats and dogs in Odesa, Ukraine. Their grateful faces say it all.

Marius and Pamplemousse have been reunited with their families!

PETA entities helped evacuate these dogs from a shelter that was bombarded near Kyiv.

PETA Germany has delivered urgent supplies for cats and dogs in Ukraine! Two trucks carrying another 44 tons of food have arrived safely in Lviv. From there, it’s being distributed to other parts of the country to feed as many starving animals as possible.

More good news from the Polish border: PETA Germany has secured the safety of almost 100 more animals, including close to 80 dogs from an animal shelter in Kharkiv and 11 cats and 10 dogs from Kyiv. A group of veterinarians is swiftly treating any animals with injuries. Every day presents a new set of challenges, and this time, just crossing the border resulted in hours of delays. The group’s latest rescue trip from Poland to Lviv, Ukraine, and back took over 36 hours, but they were determined to help animals—many of whom had already traveled hundreds of miles and were exhausted.

People from all across Ukraine desperately need more food for their cats and dogs as it becomes more difficult to get supplies, and PETA Germany is still rushing to help. Three trucks with 120,000 pounds of dog and cat food are already on their way.

PETA has received confirmation that entry requirements for companion animals from Ukraine into the U.K. have now been relaxed. Instead of applying for a license in advance, refugees can arrive at the border and the Animal and Plant Health Agency will assist with simplified paperwork and cover the costs of vaccination and quarantine.

The quarantine period may be up to four months, depending on the vaccination status of each animal. However, PETA U.K. is calling for this to be shortened and for regular visits from the animals’ guardians to be allowed.

Meanwhile, the PETA Germany team is continuing to rescue as many animals as possible. This weekend, they brought another 100 cats and dogs safely across the border into Poland, and the team has now rescued more than 500 animals.

Another day, another rescue mission, another 100+ dogs and cats saved.

Yesterday, we reported that a team from PETA Germany had set off to bring nearly 90 more cats and dogs to safety. They’ve since returned to Poland from Ukraine—with more than 100 animals in tow, all of whom are now safe and being cared for in a shelter. This means that to date, PETA Germany has helped rescue more than 300 companion animals from Ukraine.

“It’s a tough journey, as the road is covered with ice and it’s been snowing all night. We are driving carefully from Poland and hope to arrive soon, as more animals are waiting for us. This time, we are going to pick up almost 90 cats and dogs,” a team member reports. These animals all come from a shelter in Kyiv, on the other side of Ukraine. Other brave activists have traveled more than 300 miles to help bring them to safety.

After setting off yesterday morning, PETA Germany’s team returned this morning, managing to bring a further 70 cats and dogs into Poland.

With two vans, one animal ambulance, and plans to rescue another 80 animals from Ukraine and bring them to safety in Poland, PETA entities are on another rescue mission.

PETA Germany completed two parallel rescue missions in Ukraine on the night of Thursday, March 3. Facing grave danger, the organization and animal group Viva! Poland rescued nearly 100 hungry cats and dogs, many of whom were very sick. The animals made it across the Polish border, and now they’re being treated by veterinarians.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of people have fled the country. Russia continues to attack, and more than 130,000 people are on the run. Many already traumatized people have been and are being faced with the impossible decision of leaving their beloved dogs, cats, and other family members behind due to the protocol for the noncommercial movement of companion animals into the European Union (EU). A team from PETA Germany has traveled to the Polish and Romanian borders to provide on-site assistance: They’ve managed to rescue exhausted cats and dogs and is helping to shepherd animals to safety.

Immediately after arriving at the Polish border, PETA Germany’s team helped Crimsee, who was carried by their caring guardian more than 37 miles from the war zone. The woman was so exhausted that she could barely stand.

They are both now safe and receiving support from PETA Germany.

PETA Germany’s team also responded to a call for help when several dogs were crossing the border with their human guardians and needed urgent care. All involved were debilitated and frightened.

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PETA Entities Call For Safe Passage for Humans and Companion Animals Into the EU

The current regulations for bringing companion animals into the EU and the U.K. are impossible for refugees to follow in a state of war: Animals such as dogs and cats must be vaccinated and microchipped and need an antibody titer for rabies confirmed through a serological test to enter the EU—but many of those who have been forced to flee don’t meet these requirements.

So PETA entities worldwide have appealed to the EU to temporarily suspend the legal entry requirements for animals at EU country borders. And mercifully, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Switzerland, and others are agreeing to ease entry regulations for humans and their animal companions. While implementation remains complicated on the ground, PETA Germany is doing everything it can—even befriending guards who display a soft spot for animals—to make the movement of companion animals into the EU as feasible and safe as possible.

PETA U.K. is urging officials to ease entry restrictions so that Ukrainian refugees can enter the U.K. with their animal companions, too.

In Asia, following PETA India’s appeal, the Indian government relaxed import requirements for animal companions from Ukraine, enabling them to travel with their guardians to India, and many Indians have been sharing their happy stories.

PETA Latino persuaded officials to offer companion animals refuge, too: Following reports that Mexico’s plan to evacuate its citizens from war-torn Ukraine would not include companion animals, the group rushed a letter to Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon, urging him to reconsider and allow animals to accompany their fleeing families—and it worked! Mexican citizens fleeing the war in Ukraine were allowed to evacuate with their companion animals.

Food for Animals in Need

In an undertaking with many obstacles, PETA Germany has coordinated the delivery of blankets and 44,000 pounds of dog and cat food. Stores in Ukraine are closed and supplies are running low, so the group is doing everything in its power to move other urgently needed goods into the country to provide relief.

Eduxanima, a PETA Germany partner organization in Romania, also managed to get across the border into Ukraine to collect dogs who had been left behind. It’s also offering to vaccinate dogs and cats free of charge, carry out necessary blood tests, and provide the animals with sufficient food and veterinary care.

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