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Urge These Experimenters to Stop Tormenting Animals

They’ve frightened brain-damaged monkeys, cut into owls’ skulls, nearly drowned mice, and more. Send them a postcard to speak out against this suffering.

A monkey used by Elizabeth Murray in a fright experiment, with a fake spider placed in front of the cage the monkey is in.

Experimenters in government, corporate, and university laboratories across the country are busy inflicting nightmarish injuries on sensitive animals. One experimenter suctions out portions of monkeys’ brains and then frightens the animals with fake spiders and snakes. A food company apparently thinks that it’s good science to starve and dissect rabbits, inject mice or rats with toxic cancer drugs and electrocute them, and cut open dogs’ stomachs and insert tubes. Another one mutilates owls’ brains and pelts them with lights and sounds for hours at a time. Finally, there’s the pharmaceutical company that refuses to ban an experiment in which mice are forced to swim for their lives in inescapable beakers of water.

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Brain-Damaged Monkeys Locked in Boxes, Frightened With Fake Snakes

Sign the Postcard to Elisabeth Murray
First, government experimenter Elisabeth Murray destroys parts of monkeys' brains with toxins or suction. At that point, she's just getting started. Next, she stuffs the animals into small boxes and frightens them with fake spiders and snakes. Murray has been on a taxpayer-funded grant gravy train for more than 30 years. Tell her it's time to put away the spiders and snakes, stop tormenting monkeys, and redirect her efforts toward ethical, human-relevant research.
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