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How Much Will Your Black Friday Haul Cost? Animals Say, ‘Too Much’

Amid the holiday shopping frenzy, ask yourself, “Who is really paying the price for all these great deals?”

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PETA’s New Ads Are ‘Too Much’ for TV

PETA’s new thought-provoking “Too Much” ads—featuring realistic-looking computer-generated animals—confront consumers with the true cost of cashmere and dairy stolen from other animals and pharmaceuticals that were tested on them. To spread the message that our fellow animals aren’t ours to exploit or kill, PETA contacted TV stations across the U.S.—but some of them found the animated images in our ads to be “too controversial” or “too graphic” to broadcast.

If computer-generated animals are “too much” for TV, imagine how consumers would react to seeing real footage of the widespread abuse and killing in these industries.

How Much for Cashmere?

How Much for Dairy?

How Much for Prescriptions?

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Don’t Just Save Money—Save Animals

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