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Ukraine Updates

ARK rescuing dog in flooding in Ukraine
© Animal Rescue Kharkiv

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A dog in the war-ravaged city of Vovchansk, Ukraine, lies motionless and in searing pain after a driver hit him with a vehicle and sped off. Watch as a PETA-supported team takes to the rubble-strewn streets, navigating the smoldering debris to rescue this injured canine whose fur, singed by nearby missiles, only hints at the horrors he’s endured.

Here’s how PETA-supported teams have moved mountains for animals in Ukraine since the onset of the war:

  • They’ve rescued more than 16,500 dogs, cats, horses, goats, sheep, pigs, and others.
  • Despite often difficult conditions, they’ve delivered more than 3.5 million pounds of food and other provisions to animals in need.
  • They’ve reunited 60% of rescued animals with their guardians who have fled, while the remaining 40% were transported to partner shelters in Europe.
  • PETA’s Global Compassion Fund helped establish a veterinary clinic in October 2022. Up to 130 seriously injured and ill animals can be operated on and given the best possible care every day.
  • More than 80 PETA-supported employees work on site to care for the animals there and rescue 50 to 70 animals each day.

Contributions to PETA’s Global Compassion Fund are the lifeblood of this vital work, making it all possible.

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