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Ukraine Updates

ARK rescuing dog in flooding in Ukraine
© Animal Rescue Kharkiv

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As missile strikes have rained down on the city of Kharkiv and surrounding towns in Ukraine, thousands of residents have been forced to flee their homes—leaving behind their beloved animal companions in the chaos. These terrified dogs and cats now find themselves stuck in an active war zone, left to somehow fend for themselves amid the shelling and destruction.

As this catastrophic crisis unfolds, PETA-supported teams from Animal Rescue Kharkiv (ARK) must evacuate the hundreds of rescued animals in their care. The clinic treats 130 animals each day, and there are hundreds of others in shelters in and around Kharkiv.

In addition, the ARK rescue team has been answering nonstop calls from evacuees of Vovchansk asking them to save the animals they left behind while evacuating. Members of ARK are putting their lives on the line by venturing into the devastation to save as many animals as they can.

Four rabbits in hutches© Animal Rescue Kharkiv

How You Can Help Animals in Ukraine and Elsewhere

The horror that these frightened animals are enduring is almost unimaginable. Please act quickly to support the teams in evacuating animals, providing veterinary care, and getting as many souls to safety as possible. Please make a critical gift to PETA’s Global Compassion Fund today. Even a small amount can make a massive difference.

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Your generous support helps make the world a better place for all beings. Please, give what you can today.

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