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Quick and Easy Ways to Help Fish

Fish are misunderstood. Every year, humans kill these complex, sensitive, and social animals by the billions.

They’re hauled up in massive nets from their aquatic homes, crushed by overwhelming pressure, and left to slowly suffocate in terror.

Nearly half of all fish used for food come from factory aquafarms, where they spend their entire lives in cramped, filthy enclosures. Many suffer from parasitic infections, diseases, and debilitating injuries.

Investigations by PETA entities worldwide into the seedy “pet” industry have uncovered the appalling neglect of fish even before they reach stores. Betta fish and other species are stuffed into tiny bags and often starved for several days while being transported across the globe.

You can help fish right now using your phone or computer. It only takes a minute—what are you waiting for?

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Fight Speciesism: Rethink How You See Fish

Fish are intelligent animals who can speak to one another, use tools, feel pain, and problem-solve. They can recognize individuals and maintain intricate social relationships. Remember: It’s no more acceptable to harm, kill, or eat a fish than it is a puppy or kitten.

Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to find an array of vegan seafood products at grocery stores across the country. PETA makes it simple to prepare delicious, 100% plant-based meals that you and your family will love.

help fish eat vegan seafood products instead peta can help

And please, never support the cruel “pet” trade by purchasing fish. If you enjoy watching them, consider downloading one of the many colorful and realistic fish computer screensavers available online. Don’t support businesses or fairs that give fish away in contests or promotions.

Be an All-Star Activist for Animals

It’s never been easier to help fish and other animals. There are tons of simple ways to get more involved:\

 Go “trash fishing”Discarded fishing lines, hooks, nets, and other equipment can kill animals long after anglers head home. If you want to help aquatic animals, you can fish litter out of a local pond, river, or lake. You could also organize a socially distanced beach cleanup.

 Share a vegan seafood dinner with a friend who eats meat. Show them how easy it is to eat everything they already love without harming animals.

– Don’t prop up the cruel “pet” trade. Never buy food, toys, or any other supplies from stores that sell live animals as if they were disposable merchandise. Instead, support these online retailers that don’t sell animals

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Take Action for Fish Now!

There are multiple opportunities to help. As soon as you take one action below, another will automatically appear in its place.

Just enter your information once, then keep clicking the “Send Message” button until you’ve completed them all. Once you’ve finished, be sure to share this page with your friends, family members, and social media followers. Encourage them to join you in helping to stop the abuse and exploitation of fish!

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